UK to India

‘We believe that individuals of good will, moving among foreign cultures and making themselves vulnerable to the beliefs and customs of strangers, have great importance in promoting world understanding, and even more so when they can distill the essence of their experiences into a form that can be absorbed by many.’

The Ted Simon Foundation

Trip Map
Half way round the world: So far,  I have visited on this trip

UK, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Pakistan, India, Nepal, back into India and a side trip to Thailand without the bike. The bike was shipped from India to New Zealand, for the start of another adventure.

Little did I know that I would come to a tourist town in Nepal called Pokhara, expecting to stay for a couple of nights, and ending up living there for 8 months. I moonlighted firstly in a biker bar… Bullet Basecamp, and then as a motorcycle instructor for Hears and Tears. Teaching people how to ride motorbikes brings such joy…

But I had to keep moving. So off I went again….


12 thoughts on “UK to India

  1. Hi Fern

    WOW good for you and GOOD LUCK 🙂
    Aren’t you afraid to go it alone?
    How about camping on your own doesn’t that scare you, it scares the heck outta me 🙂
    I need to do it for my own trip but am just not sure I can get my head around it.


  2. Nice plans, We hope that they come true. We are now on a RTW too and it’s definetly one of the best things we have ever done.

    If you pass through Croatia (Zagreb) we can give you some great pointers if we get back in time that you’ll be passing by.

    Btw all those passes in Alps could come out quite expensive, I didn’t know that but for example Grossglockner is 20€ and I think that lkot of them are similary priced…

  3. How do you feel about Pakistan now? I am currently plotting a similar route but thinking Kazakhstan to Russia to Mongolia to China to Laos (skipping Iran as I cannot get in as an American). Yes, much more time in China, higher cost but one less flight (your transport to Bangkok). I am traveling with two others so this will make China cheaper per head.

    Thanks for posting a reply on Hubb to my inquiry on “World’s Best Roads”. Good luck with the trip.

  4. Hi Fern,
    nice plans. On advrider I read your report about your panniers and saw your DRZ, so I found to this page.
    I wish you the best for your trip. Keep on blogging.
    Perhaps we see on HU-Meeting.
    Good luck.

  5. Just spotted you have arrived for your first night.. Sleep well …. Love mummy.. step daddy and Brenda

  6. Good luck with the journey – we did something similar and got back last year. Have a look at our website if you’re interested in seeing some photos of what to expect through China and Pakistan on the Karakoram. One of the more challenging but rewarding parts of the trip.

    If you need any information on getting the bike in the air between Kathmandu and Bangkok, into Darwin by boat or into NZ let me know. I made some good contacts and the price came down considerably when dealing with the freight shippers direct.

    All the best

  7. awesome trip planned, heard about it in MCN, they mentioned you were in N epal working in a bar, you still there or further on..Inspirational stuff, all the very best all the way.


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