Adventures on foot in my own back yard

Went for a stroll the other day… so see my neighbourhood Volcano. Now Kiwis (and anyone from countries that feature volcanoes) can be a bit blase about these amazing things…

Maungawhau- Mountain of the Whau tree…or Mount Eden I ride past it every day. Every now and then I ride up to the summit (yes there is a tarmac road to the car park at the top), sit and watch the sunset… a perfect way to gather myself after work.

So up I yomped to the top of the hill then I marched back down again… After all that walking, I popped into a cafe for a flat white… it was too trendy for my own liking… but you can’t beat Kiwi cafe culture.. Starbucks is for weirdos with duff taste buds.


One thought on “Adventures on foot in my own back yard

  1. Hello Fern, Thanks for your recent update, all looks good stuff in the land down under, hopefully get there myself one day, its high on my must do’s. Look after yourself and look forward to more updates in the near future. Cheers. Keith.

    Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2014 11:37:30 +0000 To:

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