DRZ with Magadan side bags

My chosen luggage includes the Magadan Bags, from Adventure Spec, designed by Walter Colebatch..

I spotted a rack system on someone elses DRZ and gave it a go. I bought a random set of givi racks from ebay, in order to get a curve. Armed with a bunch of images from google, my Dad’s genius friend Chris re-jigged the frames to fit my bike, and cunningly used the void opposite the exhaust, to create a perfect place for an extra jerry can or tool tube… The first edition was far too heavy, so holes were drilled into the plate to reduce weight. A few coats of powder coat finished them off.

Corinne, Chris’s partner had a stroke of creative genius by suggesting that a Walls Icecream sign was used as a heat shield, to protect my luggage from the heat of the exhaust.

The Magadan bag straps are placed under the seat for additional security. Some users have straps keeping the bags against the rails, I haven’t needed these, they don’t tend to move about once loaded.

Once on the road, after a few tumbles in the dirt, the rack cracked. I had it rewelded in Tajikistan, by a kid wearing sunglasses, once in Nepal by a good compadre Jim, and once by Aaron in Auckland. I plan to rework them and strengthen them over the next few months. This is the up side of using plain old mild steel, most people in weird places can re-weld if need be.

The first set of waterproof lining bags turned out not to be properly waterproof. Luckily I did not have to find out the hard way. Nothing got terribly wet to be honest, despite torrential rain and water crossings. However a honest email from the supplier warning of the potential problem and promise to post a new set of liner bags out remedied this. I loved the first bags, they were supple and slid into the outer bags with ease. The new replacement liners were made of a thick vinyl, that is very stiff when cold, (they soften nicely in the hot sun), and not as durable, already got a few holes in the bottom of the bags.

As for the outer magadan bags, these have really held up. I wore a hole through where the rack had a sharp point (took the angle grinder to that eventually). A hole where I was clipped by a car on a mountain pass in Tajikistan, and the odd small rip from small crashes on dirt. Nothing has gone through the paramid layer, the stitching remains good, the fabric hasn’t faded, and the buckles are still good despite one having a chip missing.

I use the pacsafe cables. These have started to rub through the holding loops, so I don’t know how long these will last, but the benefit of these bags is when there is a problem, it is simple to fix, just take to someone with a beefy sewing machine, or a sailing upholsterer etc… or even do it yourself….


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