Changing brake fluid

I changed the front brake fluid today as I feel the brake response is getting tired, just like the rest of the bike really.

I mullered and ground out the stupid screw (Suzuki fastenings are notoriously made of what I call cheese, the nuts and bolts have the strength of cheese). So it took a while for me to find someone who could get the bugger out and replace it. Some kind chap at my new workplace did it.

As you can see from the image the light amber coloured fluid is new ad clean and the dark stuff is what came out. I think I’d be wise to repeat the process again soon to make sure there is no more crap inside.

Let’s hope I stop a bit quicker now!



One thought on “Changing brake fluid

  1. Hello Fern,

    Thanks for recent updates, enjoyed reading your blog, hope everything is going well and hopefully see you on the road some day.

    Ride safe.

    Keith, Hull.

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