Leaving Home…..

facebook have changed my image URLS. So let’s start again….

Dad and I rode from rainy Cambridgeshire, he chose the enfield because of the weather.. Later that day, after a farewell breakfast I left the Ace Cafe, in London with Richard. He was riding his trusty F650GS off to eastern Europe. Luckily for me, he is an AA mechanic who roams the streets of London on his AA Motorbike.. I have a well founded reputation for breakdowns and mishaps. The owner of the ace cafe put together a wonderful packed lunch for me, kept me fueled up for quite some days.

Saying goodbye to my family was hard, very heart wrenching.. but I was also very excited.. I was chuffed at how many people came to see me off.

The North Circular. Not going to miss this road!!

First night of the trip we camped in Laventie, France. The owner spoke not one word of English, and his french had a very thick accent. I thought holy cow, if I cannot understand a man, from 30kms from the UK border, and after ‘studying’ GCSE French for 2 years, how on earth will I cope in the back end of Tajikistan.. I think I understood that he couldn’t guarantee a hot shower in the morning as he would be milking the cows, or something like that. After making camp, Richard and I tootled off into town to find something to eat. He only bloomin rode down the wrong side of the road!! Oops. We rode past the poplar trees and saw cemetery after war cemetery. Very sad and humbling to see grave after grave.

We found a chip van in the town square, and the first of many funny menus… We pissed ourselves laughing at Cheese Crack.

Camping Carnage- I like to keep some order when camping but there is nothing pretty about an overlander’s bags spewing everyhere, I go for the teenage bedroom look.

This pan decided to discard it’s non stick coating, and for the record it doesn’t taste nice.

Richard disassembling his tent.

I have nothing to report about Belgium other than the motorways are in bad condition, it rained lots, I got drenched, the service stations have over-priced pizza and illogical serving systems. First world problems…hey…. I have a feeling I ran out of fuel– Petrol stations on the motorway were in short supply near Luxembourg (fuel is cheaper there), and I couldn’t be arsed to come off the motorway to find fuel. Luckily enough I had some spare juice in my 5ltr can, this got me out of trouble, and the next time I refulled, I coasted in, running on vapours. Riding fast on motorways makes my bike drink. I did not gear the bike for fuel economy!


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