Good news

Quick update.


The engine has been pulled apart, and we cannot find any damaged parts that are causing the metal in the oil. Therefore the only conclusion is that this is old debris from the previous problem. My mechanic didn’t flush the oil tank. This is good news in that I haven’t blown something major, and it won’t cost me a fortune to rectify. 

Chris noticed that two gears had a little wear, as did the gear selectors, so we’ll replace these, and the cam chain was on its last legs, so best to replace this too. Parts should arrive tomorrow, and bike could be back together soon. I’m going to ride 500 miles in the UK and back to Chris’, check the oil and hopefully be good to go again.


Unfortunately, i’ll have to do Eastern Europe another time, which is a shame as this has a special place in my heart. I will motor through Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy and get the Ancona to (Greece) ferry. As advised by Bertrand, this will give me a good rest, cut down on the KMs, and  bring me onto a new motorway that transverses Greece, nearly straight through to Istanbul. 


My Engine!!



Naked Kitty!!!





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