Busy bee

Today I will take time to Relax. My sister and I are going to the spa at Centreparcs this afternoon. Not before I smash my way through ten more boxes of junk, and a rainforest of paperwork. Tonight, i’ll be chatting to Slimbo about my trip on Biker FM http://bikerfm.co.uk/ The Adventure Show, from 10pm. 

Having a battle with the doctors trying to get my travel meds sorted. This is not helping my mind. There is steam coming out of my ears. The sooner I get to the spa, the better.

My Carnet De Passage (bike customs passport) arrived last week, so I can take the bike through random countries without presenting suitcase loads of banknotes to dodgy officials. 

My UK Motorbike insurance policy runs out three days into the trip, so had to find another policy to cover me through Europe. Once out of europe, the policy doesn’t cover me. So must avoid crashing into Goats, or getting the bike stolen. 😦

Right. Must get to it……


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