One step forward…

The Iranian government granted me an authorisation code, so that I can go and get a visa from the Embassy in Frankfurt. The London Embassy was closed after a diplomatic ding dong. So, this is good news, I won’t have the hassle of Azerbajain’s 72 hour vehicle restriction, or the Ship across the Caspian Sea. I’m really looking forward to Iran. Maybe all my Stop the War protesting paid off. 

Received back my Tajikistan Visa, they forgot to give me my GBAO stamp i’d asked and paid for. This is a special permit to allow me into a certain region of the country. So will have to send the passport back again tomorrow, and try and get though on the phone and have an interesting conversation.

My wonderful luggage racks are having some alterations, and will be powder coated (painted) next week.  I have bought all the random bits I need to buy. Although I’ve practised packing twice now, the pile keeps growing, so another attempt will be made.

Three more days left at work. My workload is decreasing and is ironically enjoyable, if only it was always like that. I’ve realsed that i’m not just going on a trip, i’m quitting my job and moving house, all at the same time, no wonder i’m stressed. My dad will move after I leave, and therefore I’m having to sell, and give away all my possesions. I’m leaving a few boxes of sentimental items, and a suitcase of clothes, in case my bike goes walkies, or I break my leg and have to come home for a while. Its quite liberating getting rid of everything, especially as I previously considered myself a whorder.

I went to the BMF bike event at Peterborough last weekend. Caught up with Paddy at Overland Magazine and Sam Manicom and Les at Traveldri. My fellow Serv volunteers were valiantly manning the SERV stand, in the cold! 


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