Sleep easy

I can sleep easy now. Kitt is in the stable, all ready for a ride tomorrow, scrub those new tyres in.

Went to collect Kitt from Chris at Xbikes. He did a great job reviving my engine at it sounds smooth as now. Cost me a small fortune, but no bike equals no trip. Riding it back, it took me a few minutes to relax, carefully listening to the engine, as the last time I rode it, it was making some well, er interesting noises. Soon after, my smile couldn’t have been any bigger.

Yesterday, I took my wheels to Motorcycle Pitstop in Hitchin. My dad was collecting his old Harley Davidson, so I thought i’d get the rear tyre put on, as it is sooooo stiff. Just as well, as my tyres ‘Mefo explorers’ came up small. These were even a mission to get on using the machine. God help me when I get a puncture.

Have been beavering away today in the (Wo)man cave. Wheels back on (a little drama about spacers), spindles greased, bearings changed. Brake disc bolts threadlocked. Front brake pads changed and new stainless steel caliper pin. New renthal fatbars fitted. The latter turned into a mission. Need a new throttle tube to fit my heated grips, and the one I bought doesn’t fit. So as usual what should be a 5 min job turns into a 7 day mission, dependant on the postman. I will continue over the next few weeks to service kitt, and a friend is helping me build the pannier racks and other metal work, and still need to sort out a mechanical sparkie to sort out all the bits I need wired in. Missed out on half a days precious workshop time, as my car broke down. Clutch went. Bummer as i’m selling it in a few weeks time, more money up the wall. I ate humble pie and learnt not to proclaim how reliable my German car is.

On the paperwork front, I’ve got my travel insurance sorted. It only cost a bit more to have my pre-existing conditions covered, so this gives me extra peace of mind. Wasn’t expecting that, so nice surprise. International log book and driving licences have arrived. Pakistan and Uzbekistan visas arrived back. Now waiting on Iran authorisation and sending off for Kyrgyzstan Visa on Tuesday. Deposit payed for China tour guide. Letter of Invitation (needed for visa) from China has come through. I am training up my part replacement at work, I can’t comprehend that I only have 14 working days left in the office.

I had a practise pack whilst the bike was away, and I still had a little space to play with. No need to be complacent though, I will still depart looking like a poor overloaded pack donkey.

Im really enjoying all the creature comforts I think I will miss, like waking up in a nice warm big bed, with clean sheets, gallons of tea, roast dinners, bacon sarnies. Not healthy, but delicious nonetheless.


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