Sunday 3rd June- D Day


Right, now I have my blessed Pakistan visa back (after horror stories of people waiting indefinitely for theirs), I feel that I can finally book my ferry and hit the road. Lets hope the bike is ready!

Pakistan Visa


Sun 3rd June

I’ll be riding down from Soham, leaving at 9ish Sunday 3rd June, doubt i’ll sleep anyway, get to the Ace Cafe London for about 11am, have my last hallowed cup of the gods tea, and bacon butty, then head down to Dover to catch the ferry in the afternoon with Richard who is off to Ukraine and Romania too!

26th 27th May

Also, i’ll be having drinks at the Prince Albert Pub, Silver Street, Ely, Cambridgeshire, Sat 26th May, from 7pm, and Barbecue at my house, (please send message for address) in Soham, Cambridgeshire from 1pm on Sun 27th May. To make up for the lack of socialising due to being stuck in the garage.

Be good to say cheerio, so please pop by.


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