New shiny things

Metal to Fettle. Lots of packages tied up with string keep turning up for me.

Took the lowering links that arrived to Taffmeister bike mechanics , conveniently round the corner from me, Taffy did a Stirling job of fitting them, and not just that, he took the time to set up my suspension correctly, measuring the sag, etc, and considering my weight. I’ll go back to him one I have got all my luggage, and changed the fork oil etc for a final tweek. We lowered the rear by 38mm, and the front by 10mm. I will get some bar risers so the forks will come through by a further 20-30mm to match the rear, other wise the front will ‘wash out’, basically if I don’t balance it out, the handling of the bike will be affected. It was quite amusing seeing people’s faces watch me ride the bike down Soham high street on the coldest day I have ever experienced! Minus 15c. Ouch! And of course, on the way back, I christened my bike by dropping it on the ice outside the garage, snapping the clutch lever, typically just before I fitted my handguards! I had to dig a mini trench in the ice to get some purchase to lift it, but oh my it is a light bike. I won’t be saying that when its fully loaded like old donkey and knee deep in mud.

Extra farkles I have fitted so far:

Hopefully comfy Suzuki lower gel seat. We’ll see how I get on with this. Much more padding than the previous cut down seat, but still feels firm. Has a grippier cover which makes life a little more comfy, as the previous cover I would slide all over the place, which is great when negotiating tricky terrain, but not when poodling on faster roads, I can’t seem to stay where I’m most comfortable.

Bash plate.

Big ali thing, lighter than I thought. Fitted fairly easily although I had to get down and dirty on the floor and right under the unsupported bike to fit it. If you ever don’t hear from me for a number of weeks, it could be that I’m stuck under the bike. This bash plate should do the job of protecting the lower part of the engine casing from bashing, flying rocks, that kind of thing.

These short stumpy levers are the same length as my snapped levers. They are forged and hinged, this should mean they are unbreakable and have a guarantee to match. The new clutch lever is really stiff though, not sure if its just the cable that needs oiling. I’ll see how I get on with them.


Went on fairly easy. I might need a locking cap for it to stop people pilfering my fuel.


I should be mounting a top box at some stage. Whether its my freecycle plastic one or a new fancy one, time will tell. It is a pig to get the side panels off as the rack screws to the outside of the panels. Lots of fidgeting and wiggling to get the side panels out without taking the whole rear rack off. Might have to design a solution to that. I can see that becoming a right pain in the butt. The only thing that I might have to access beneath the panel is the battery, so maybe taking some adding some jump cables on that can be easily accessed? Dunno.

I took one picture of the bike with a screen.

This is not one that I will fit but shows the bike will loose some attitude and street cred with a screen but the relief it will give me from the wind will be worth it.

A few weekends ago my rear indicators worked very loose, the cables on one side totally came out, and luckily the indicator was still attached. Now the other has worked loose and so has one of the front indicators! So I need to replace the wires on the rear indicators, they are not long enough, and every time the back end bounces, the cables come loose. I’ll get a local mechanic to rewire these. I could do but ii’d make a mess of it, I’ll hope someone could do a good enough job that it becomes a permament solution.

Chain guard

this came with the seat and levers. Not sure about it, a bit bling, and another thing to get stuff stuck in and weigh the bike down? umm. We’ll see. Might stop me getting so filthy.


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