New Bike!!!!!

Lucky lucky lady.

Went bike shopping with dad. Been looking at rather mint condition DRZs, with low mileage, these have a little reassurance that there ‘could’ be less catastrophic things wrong with them, but in the end went for one that has been used for green laning, and is a little cosmetically tatty- scratches on the panels, wear where the boots have been, rust on fasteners and a little on the frame and handlebars. What is the point of buying an immaculate bike when I’m only going to go and drop it constantly, and get myself into scrapes here and there? It sounds fine, hasn’t been modded and flew through its MOT yesterday. It was a third less ££ than the mint ones, and has the enduro wheels fitted, I was being quoted £400 for a set of these, so this means I have more £ for my trip and more £ for other modifications.

She has 6000miles on the clock, full service history, and a LED tail tidy.
So here it is, and in my favourite colour!!!!

I have a long list of things that need doing, and things that would be nice to start on.

Examples are: Manual Cam Tensioner, Rear rack for topbox and soft luggage panniers, larger foot pegs, screen, HID lights, lowering links, cut down seat, bash plate, case savers, extra large fuel tank, radiator guards, stator upgrade, cig lighters. So lots to be getting on with, and then the consumables, chain and sprockets, new battery, oil and air filters.

First things is to get it lowered enough for me to ride it, then get out and about and used to it (the seat height is 14cm higher than my GS, I can’t even get it off the side stand whilst on it). Do some miles and a little green laning, then get it on the bench to strip down, do the upgrades, big service, including checking the valves shims, oils, brake fluid, rebuild brakes. It will never end.


2 thoughts on “New Bike!!!!!

  1. Congrats on your new bike!!!
    Please do let us know how you get on with it…… It seems we are the same hight from what you said in yur blog about chosing a bike….. and I am yet to decide which bike to take on my planned RTW trip…:)

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