The Kindness of strangers

I am such a beliver in what goes around comes around, and I hope good things come to the couple who helped me out a few nights ago.

Such a muppet, left my heated grips on, again, whilst at my mums, tried to bump it, no joy, so put Kevin’s optimate on it for half an hour, and this seemed to do the trick.

Anyways. Was on the 4 mile journey home, pulled into the petrol station, it was closed. Bugger. So carried on, thinking, I really hope my tank thing was not still on the reserve setting. Started to climb the stuntney hill (the only hill for miles) and put putput pppppp. Coasted into the village. Flagged down a driver pulling in to ask if he had some spare glug. He didn’t but knocked on a neighbour (who luckily was still up and awake).

This fantastic couple fetched me some petrol from the barn, and a torch, and accompanied me to my bike. Found out that the chap was a biker, and owned Panthers, and has just bought an R80 to restore and has a sidecar. Goes to Stafford autojumble a lot. So, got the bike running, then not enough choke, as I was putting my helmet on, and it stalls, of course, the battery is not a happy bunny this evening, and it wouldn’t start. The lady tried to help me bump it, but no luck, so another rummage in their barn to find their jump kit. I felt like such a lemon/burden. I kept saying that they should get back in the warm and off to bed, so I could make the most of having recovery service through my motor insurance, but they refused, saying bikers always help one another, and that if I did so, i’d only have to wait in the cold for an hour. So eventually I got the bike started again, jumped off and rode away before anything else could go wrong. 


Got home at midnight, and the couple insisted that I give them a ring so they knew I got home. Such kindness. I must this week pop a card round and some fuel. Perhaps i’ll get to see some of these other bikes!





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