Nec bike show

My oh my, buy buy. Serious amount of bling on offer as ever.

Was great to see Sam Manicom and Simon Gandolfi on the travel-dri store. I bought Sam’s Asia book, and dad bought Simon’s book. Reflects our potential journeys, although I was thinking I don’t want to read to much into people’s experiences as I my travels to be a bit of a surprise, but that’s all down to me not to have to many pre-conceived ideas! It is true that Sam is the nicest man on earth.

Still confused bike wise. Bms seemed massive, especially on the touratech stand, dressed up like Christmas trees with all those sparkly farkles.

Ktms looked cool as muck, and the wr250 looked tall and skinny in the flesh, but not sure if the ali frame could cope with all my gubbins. came out thinking drz400 still, although Suzuki stopped selling them in Europe from 2010 because they can’t be bummed to sort out fuel injection. Oh well, their lose as they do seen to be the bike de jour of overland at the moment.

Treated myself to a sleeping mat from Cotswold/touratech, as I do need one, my tesco one died a death in Norway and I was waking up on the floor each morning. The new mat was in the sale, £45, and has a plush 3.8 cms of foam. My birthing hips still protrude though.

Did see some nice Lindstrand enduro pants with Zip off legs, and some nice Klim ones. I’m looking something light- not black, with large vents. My current trousers are falling apart.

Did enjoy the show and seeing everyones enthusiasm, and all the huge spectrum of bikes, but some of the bling costs as much as a second hand bike, or you could live like a queen for a while out of Europe.


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