naughty naughty me

well well well,


I still haven’t typed up my Norway ride report. Never a better time, now that the weather and winter is closing in. Some barsteward stole my laptop, which makes typing it up all the more difficult, I’ll either have to stay at work longer (sounds appealling, not) or borrow computers from others.


I’ve been reflecting on all the things I have been up to, and i’ve been a lucky girl to get out to as many events as I have done this summer. Here is a little list for myself to remind me of what I must type up on:


  • Norway, obviously
  • UXB show tattingstone
  • Copdock bike show
  • SERV training
  • Horizons Unlimited womens meet in Dumfries
  • Crashing my bike on a wet roundabout (something I hope not to repeat soon)
  • The launch of the Ted Simon Foundation at Coventry Transport Museum
  • My laptop being stolen
  • Tiger Test Ride
  • MAG anti EU legislation demo
  • My mother’s wedding
  • All the random bits I have replaced on my bike this summer
Wow. Better get on with it then! One thing I have learnt the hard way is that keeping a daily diary means you can remember exactly who what where when. I’ve tried before and then its slipped by the wayside, so lets have another go. Bought myself a new moleskine as an excuse.
Topping and Company- fabulous old fashioned but newish book shop, they have one in Ely, on the high street, and one in Bath. They give you a tray of free tea or coffee, complete with knobbly sugarcubes. Every time I have partaken in the free tea ritual, I end up spending serious money. This week it was a couple of travel guide books on Vietnam for my forthcoming trip in January, and also ‘The Rugged Road’ two women Theresa Wallach and Florence Blenkiron, riding from the UK to Capetown on their motorbike, sidecar and trailer, back in 1935. I’ve been trying to get this on Amazon, etc for ages, and found it randomly in the travel section. Early xmas pressie for myself and dad.
~I have a horrible feeling that I could end up spending quite a lot of £££ in there, better pay off my my library fines and use that more often I think, and save the £££ for actually being on the road!



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