And their off

16 day trip to: Denmark, Norway, and back via Germany and Netherlands

Left soham in the pouring rain, it was sunny the other side of Newmarket!!

Straightforward run down to Harwich apart from my 999 call to report a lovely diesel and oil slick on a roundabout where some poor girl’s audi decided to spew it’s guts out and nearly catch alight.

Queued for the ferry in the sun, met a nice couple from Taunton on a 1200gs, the bike was fairly blinged up with touratat. Just as we got up the ramp, the heavens opened again. Perfect timing.

Should have used my own straps, the ferry ones were minging and jammed up. Was chuffed with my cabin, with sea view. It doesn’t take much to impress me!

Dinner was incredible, which for the price had to be, as that too was incredible. I had the following:
2 types of marinated herring
Prawns in shells
Baby lobsters
Smoked salmon
Baked salmon
Caviar mousse
Seaweed quiche

That was just round one. I went on to have risotto, a round of cheeses and fancy bread, and two plates of dessert; passionfruit mousse and chocolate mousse. Sat next to two charming seniors who were off to charter a boat in Sweden. One a consultant and one a chair of a big company. They gave me a very long career advice session, washed down with several glasses of White wine.

Several hours later I found out that all that fish and wine does nit mix well with a rough sea. Wasn’t sick but felt bloody rough for it so didn’t get much sleep.

Made it to my first campsite in one piece. Struggled to find fuel for a while, but luckily my card works fine I’m the machines. Had a near miss on the E45, a lorry shed it’s load of glass 500m ahead of me. Eek. Luckily I was concentrating and in the other lane.

Anyways, over an out for now, got to finish my beer, erect my tent and go for a swim. Early start tomorrow to get up to hirtshals and catch Norway ferry.

X x


2 thoughts on “And their off

  1. You sound well ‘on the road’ now. Love those in depth ferry converstaions, when people feel no restriction on time. Once spent 24 hours on a ferry discussing Islamic and Christian spirituality (on and off – there was some sleeping! ) It had to be better than playing bingo.

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