So much preparation, so little time

Well, what a stressful couple of weeks getting everything ready.

Trundled down to Motorcycle pitstop, to visit Ralph and John for an MOT and some new shiny tyres. John took the back wheel off to reveal that my brake pads had worn diagonally. I think its because I lost an R clip, last time I changed them, which I think was in October, so 6000 miles on them. Lucky it was spotted before my MOT. Tyres on MOT passed, all ship shape, so I then had to ride like a granny for a couple of hundred miles just to be safe. Went down to Harlow, to purchase more camping gas from Go Outdoors.

Detour: Some berk in a BM let his ferral kids climb all over my m’bike when I stopped at Burger King. Told him all the usual….’how would he like it if I started to jump up and down on his bonnet’, and ‘ my exhaust is red hot, and kids could burn themselves’. The reply was all a bunch of f’s and whatever. He came up behind me coming out of the town and tried to run me off the road, calling me a fat cow, etc. Nice. Made my day. It really throws your mind off. Anyway, these people are here to challenge us, and make us appreciate the nice people we have in our lives.

So, tyres starting to scrub in, go home, take fairing off, my word its filthy underneath! Changed the spark plugs, and decided to embark on oil change. Attempt to take first nut off oil filter cover, and it shears off in my bloody hand. Bollocks. Had to wait for a couple of nights til Dad could rescue the situation. Luckily other two came off fine, cover came off, and filter and oil was changed.

So, other crazy stuff:


Got some flouresent and number stickers and put made the KPH clearer on my speedo. Might fail when it rains, but what the hell. Managed to wrap a security cable and padlock around the bottom of the top box, so I can lock the bike and gear up a little bit more securely, without compromising space.

Had a rummage under the seat and managed to fit the following in:

  • Rema puncture repair kit with co2 cartridges
  • cute liggle can of WD40
  • fairly small can of putoline chain lube
  • a spanner set
  • a spare set of gloves
  • a set of bulbs wrapped in a wad of rags
All rather snug.

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