Home- Fern’s Forays

Welcome to my website, Here you will find stories from my United Kingdom to New Zealand trip, that started June 2012, or perhaps some of my previous exploits. From tinkering and botching in the garage or bimbling out on the road.

Please check out links to the wider biking, overlanding or just very interesting world that I have come across. Don’t spend to much time reading this, get on your bike and ride!


22 thoughts on “Home- Fern’s Forays

  1. Hi fern,

    have finally got around to look at your website and very impressive it is too! We met in Ikea rest near Eastwood I was with my loud Aussie friend Viv…Wishing you well on your travels ENJOY ! and keep safe.

    Britt x

  2. Go Fern, We met at South Mimms service station with my mate gemma, just got back from a rally in Peterborough. I’m soooo impressed and jealous, but mostly, confident, that you’ll achieve your ambition. Good luck and may the force be with you x PS Check your oil…a lot 🙂

    • It was lovely to meet you, I hope you have your bike back now. I will check my oil daily now!

  3. Hi fern, wanted to wish you the best for everything,its going to be an amazing journey. I really look forward to following your travels. Xx

  4. Good luck Fern, have fun, stay safe and take care. Pete Barrington (ya mums cousin) xx

  5. Hi Fern. Lovely to have met your on the Stelvio Pass in Italy. Good luck with your trip. Rick, Phil and I will be following you. Ride safe.

  6. Hi Fern, we met you on the train over to Calais and said good luck in the petrol station just after leaving the train, we had a great 10 days in europe and hope your journey goes well, I will let the rest of the guys know about your website, ride safe Best Regards, Paul

  7. Hi Fern, we met you at HU meeting in June in Germany when your other bike was ‘written off’; what a set back at the time! Really glad to see you seem to be on track – well done you and good luck making it to your Iran border crossing (16th wasn’t i?). Jim & Jenny

  8. Hi Fern,
    Looks like youre having fun in Turkey. That Spot thing sure is cool! Hope plans go all ok for Iran? Ride safe and enjoy! Sue Barnes WIMA member (..and fellow Norfolk girl!)

  9. Hi fern,
    glad to meet you in iran ,it was abig pleasure talking to you ,i hope you have not got in to any trouble.

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